Badges Adult

  • Commendation for Good Service Cloth Badge


    For UK Purchase only and subject to restrictions.

    The Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service cloth badge may be worn on your Scout uniform. You may order this as a replacement or in addition to the one you have been awarded.

  • Gilwell Park Scouting Wood Badge 2 Beads


    The Two Bead Gilwell Park Wood Badge is awarded to a leader in recognition of having completed their Leader Training.

  • Target Sports badge


    Mersey Weaver Target Sports ASU and shooting squad badge.

    It should be applied to the right sleeve of the polo shirt/jacket

  • Placeholder

    You Shape Adult Woven Badge 5cm 2017


    Youth Shaped Scouting provides a platform to empower young people to shape their Scouting at a national and local level. We are encouraging all sections to engage and take part in activities that enable members to shape their Programme and have a voice! Youth Shaped Scouting isn’t and should not be reserved for 1 month a year, but everyday…so if you have been involved or engaged with any Youth Shaped Scouting activities in 2017 then shout about what you are doing by wearing a brand new Occasional YouShape badge.